Kean has given talks in two dozen states and six different countries, and his unique take on science has made him a consistently popular speaker at museums, colleges, libraries, science conferences, literary festivals, and other events – even a “science cabaret.”

Like my books, the talks use funny, strange, and poignant stories to enliven science and science history for the audience. I’ve made the talks accessible to everyone, and never stray into anything technical. (No equations, I promise!) In fact, the talks are a great fit for both a general audience who want to approach science through colorful characters and narrative history, as well as scientific groups who want to learn more about the history of their field or need a little lighter fare. I usually speak for 45 minutes (though I can shorten the talk if need be), and I’m always happy to stick around afterward to answer questions or chat, too.

If you have any questions, or want to know what dates I’m available, please get in touch.

Subjects for the talks include:

Caesar’s Last Breath, about the wilds of our atmosphere

The Dueling Neurosurgeons, about the most astounding patients in neuroscience history

The Violinist’s Thumb, on hidden stories buried in our genes and DNA

The Disappearing Spoon, on the wonders of the periodic table

Life as a writer, and popularizing science

Upcoming talks…

San Diego, January 25th, 2018, Bishop’s High School, Geier Family Presentation Hall, 6:30pm

Worcester, Massachusetts, March 6th, 2018, Worcester State University, 10am (venue TBD)

New York, March 14th, 2018, Manhattan High School for Girls, 2:20pm

New York, March 14th, 2018, New York Public Library Mid-Manhattan Branch, 6:30pm (venue TBD)

New York, March 15th, 2018, National Archives at New York City, Education Center, Third Floor, 4pm

Bristol, Rhode Island, April 4th, 2018, Roger Williams University, MNS 200, 3pm

Denver, Colorado, April 24th, 2018, Regis University, Colorado Chemistry Teachers banquet (time and venue TBD)

Shreveport, Louisiana, May 24th, 2018, LSU Health Sciences campus, Health Auditorium, 3pm

Toledo, Ohio, June 15th-16th, 2018, Toledo Public Library and American Chemical Society Central Regional Meeting (exact times and venues TBD)

Sound Bend, Indiana, August 1st, 2018, University of Notre Dame, Biennial Conference on Chemical Education, 11am (venue TBD)